Good Morning, “OK, Mama, for you I’ll go!” I am convinced all the more that I was indeed called to “This” generation. I talked to a young man who had not been to church in years. He was lost, frustrated, hurt and dislocated. His mother visited him and finally convinced him that church was what was missing in his life and it would help to heal his wound. “Ok, Mama, for you I’ll go!” So he went. It was a holiday weekend. When he got there, the parking lot was filled to capacity. They could hardly find a parking space. He saw people, rushing into the doors, sort of like when he goes to a Saturday night concert. He saw ragged jeans, stretch pants, backpacks, (no purses) and gym shoes, all kinds, all brands. He wore a plaid shirt and khakis thinking that he would go under dressed. You know, sort of not to look too dressed up like “Sunday Best.” Much to his surprise in his mind, he claimed first place for the “most overdressed” award. But his most amazing discovery was the welcome center that looked like a hotel reservation desk. Oh! my gosh! to the immediate right a “green” Starbuck sign! He looked down the long hall and saw a bookstore, tee shirt shop, and ladies clothes. Wow! A mall! He then headed to the sanctuary and thought he had mistakenly opened the door to an auditorium or stadium, then closed the door. He went back to the welcome desk and asked the young lady which way to the sanctuary because he looked for an usher but didn’t see any. (You know the ladies in the uniforms.) The young lady said, “Right this way young man and took him back into the auditorium which he had just left. He sat down in his seat (What! no more pews!) Suddenly, he looked up and saw the stage and was amazed to see a full -fledged band in live concert. (Wow!) Well, I’ll just wait for the preacher. The preacher enter on stage amongst loud hand claps and praise and just took a seat on a stool that looked too small for him. Guess what! Come on now! The preacher too! He had on ragged jeans, a black shirt and a white tee shirt that was hanging out because it was longer than his top shirt. The kind that his mama would run him back inside if he even tried walking out the house dressed like that not to mention wearing it to church. Then he looked up and saw this “big” white Screen light up with a lot of writing that he thought was a bunch of scriptures. Well, what do you know, much to my surprise, it was a business plan for the building of a new sidewalk, additional parking and something else that he says, he doesn’t remember. After one hour of listening to preacher’s presentation in monotone, he lost interest. Oh! Before he left home, he rushed back to get his Bible because his Mama always told him, “Son, Don’t forget your Bible!” He rushed back in, picked it up, blew off the dust and guess what, he didn’t need it, after all. He guessed that they weren’t talking about God or Jesus Christ that particular Sunday. Maybe they do that on some other Sunday. Finally the screen went black and before he knew it everybody rushed out even faster than they came in. My mom told me I could meet a nice girl there. They were gone before I could say, “hello.” The parking lot was cleared in no time. The professional parkers were good at their job not like the Boy Scouts who used to direct church traffic as community projects. Being overwhelmed, knowing his mother had always been a nice Christian church going lady all her life, he couldn’t wait to ask her “Mama, do you see something strange or odd about all of this? Are you as amazed as I am. And you know what, he still doesn’t know. All she said, was “Son, things have changed a lot since you have been to church.” Uhm… I’ll say! But she did mutter in a very low voice ,”Welcome to the New Church!” The grass withereth, the flower fadeth; but the word of God shall stand forever. Isaiah 40:8


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